It all started in 1990 as a local initiative for people with memory problems by a lady who worked at Social Services.  

She worked with people who had been diagnosed with dementia and she saw how hard it was for the whole family.  She could see how so many people caring for their loved ones were finding it hard to cope and how there was a lack of specialist service available to help. CAMEO was then set up to provide mental and physical stimulation for the people living with dementia and respite for their Carers.

The name was chosen due to the importance for people living with dementia to interact with others and feel comfortable and happy in a safe environment.

Everyone is invited to Come And Meet Each Other, hence ‘CAMEO’. 

CAMEO has grown in size and strength and welcomes more than 30 people a week living with dementia and has built experience operating for over 30 years and supported thousands of people. 

We are committed to continuing our work and helping as many people as we can continually building on the support and services for you and your loved ones.
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People living with dementia, their families and friends continue to thrive in their local communities.

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